3.0 NGL – St. Cathrines

3.0 NGL – St. Cathrines

—Engineering involved the following:

  • —Facility included the installation of mass flowmeters, hand sensitive security for truck driver and truck recognition
  • —Large in line centrifugal pumps that deliver 580 GPM when loading
  • —Hydraulic calculation for product handling and electrical load calculations for new service and programming for plant operations
  • —Equipment selection for pumps, tanks, valves etc
  • —Engineering design for building, plant piping, lighting, process control etc and security system for access to yard as it is an unmanned facility.

Smaller Projects Services

1000 USWG Tank installation c-w Cylinder Cabinet

  • —Municipal Zoning Approvals for Permitted uses
  • —Fire Plan Emergency Response plan preparation for Level 1 T.S.S.A. approvals
  • —Site Layout drawings and Branch #9 Risk Assessment evaluation as per Propane Code requirements
  • —Slab designs for tank supports and some electrical calculations for certain site conditions
  • —Piping Registrations with the T.S.S.A for non-fuel pressure piping registrations and installations
AltEng has been providing quality engineering services to the propane industry for gaining municipal and T.S.S.A. approvals for smaller installations such as 1000 USWG to 5000 USWG facilities.
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