FEA Fluid Analysis Download Report

AltEng provides FEA & Fluid Analysis (FEA) on complicated systems or materials for failure analysis or to determine the suitability of some designs. We have provided reports for failure analysis on equipment to confirm what may have caused certain losses or failures in piping systems where normal investigations are not adequate to mathematically determine what caused a particular event.

Click the link for an FEA Study done on a pressure vessel.

FEA Finite Element Analysis Report for Propane Tank

AltEng Inc. uses modern software to create FEA reports to determine where certain stresses may have formed and what is required to prevent future events or assist companies with their designs.

In addition, AltEng is affiliated with other engineering firms that conduct high level hydraulic analysis to assist with the investigation of vibration or other harmonic problems that may be occurring due to fluid dynamics. This has assisted in helping companies reconfiguring their hydraulic processes as a result of 3D computer modeling.

Using State of the Art software, AltEng and its affiliates can model specific systems and liquid flows within the process to determine what issues may be resulting in severe strain and vibration on existing process equipment. We have access to Process Engineers and technicians who can model any system and then run tests on the computer to determine where failures or deficiencies may be found.