Licensing and Code Compliance

AkltEng Inc. has been working with clients for over 20 years to obtain propane licenses for propane Refill Centres and bulk plants as require under the T.S.S.A licensing and code compliance. This includes Municipal approvals, Zoning applications, Fire Department approvals and the preparation of Site Plans and facility layouts to insure compliance with the Canadian Natural Gas & Propane Codes. This includes compliance with local Municipal and Township Codes to insure a facility meets the required guidelines before it is constructed.

Recently AltEng Inc,. has prepared over 200 Level 1 Risk & Safety Management Plans (RSMP) for propane installations in Ontario and also over 15 Level 2 RSMP’s for large bulk plants in Ontario. This includes the preparation of Quantified Risk Assessments (QRA’s) with industry leaders in Risk Assessment. AltEng Inc can prepare the whole design for new bulk plants and take care of the RSMP submission so the T.S.S.A. will approve the facility.

We are capable of taking a project from conception to completion including all approvals, variances, applications, Building Permits and engineering reviews.