Specialized Services

  • ASME Vessel registration for CRN approvals and ASME stress calculations and Code verifications for Pressure Vessels.
  • Finite Elemental Analysis (FES) for stress analysis calculations to determine
    proper piping installations and support requirements.
  • Three D piping drawings for large facilities to determine optimum piping
    installations and creation of “interference” drawings for contractor tendering.
  • Project management services for large projects using “Primavera” software to track project progress and create Gantt charts and critical paths to assist in project control.
  • Equipment selection and documentation for quotation and procurement.
  • Soils investigation and survey coordination and management to insure proper engineering designs are completed for local conditions.
  • Cost Estimating Services using professional Cost estimators who have over 20 years of Professional Cost Estimating experience to insure projects are based on proper cost evaluations for senior management evaluation.