Super Save Propane – Mississauga

Super Save Propane – Mississauga

Two 30,000 USWG Tank installation

Main Administration Building with Deluge Building to left

Piping System from Equipment Shed to Tanks

—The engineering involved the following:

  • —Site Plan layouts and Grading and services plans
  • —RSMP approvals from T.S.S.A. and local Fire Department approvals that involved designing a special deluge system and fire monitoring controls
  • —Complete structural, mechanical, electrical and Programmable Logic Control and software programming to operate the plant
  • —Field Inspections of work and meetings with City staff and Fire Department staff for approvals and testing
  • —Hydraulic analysis for liquid and vapour transfers to insure maximum efficiency
  • —Equipment procurement for tank selection, pump and compressor, vale and accessory equipment purchasing
  • —Electrical load calculations and approvals for power into the site

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